Founder of Pop Brixton sets sights on Woolwich for his next container site

Published . By Gurjot Thind.

Wool Yard Woolwich, Pop Brixton

Wool Yard will mirror Pop Brixton, using recycled containers to create space for retailers, restaurants and entrepreneurs.

Carl Turner, the found of Pop Brixton, has chosen Woolwich as the location of his next recycled-containers venture. Hoping to take over a 0.14-acre brownfield site in South London, Turner hopes to use old containers to create additional space for restaurants, retailers and local enterprises.  

According to his plans, the development will include 32 containers, all neatly positioned in the car park opposite Creton Street's Lidl supermarket. The majority of Wool Yard's available room will be reserved as co-working space and as studios for various local businesses and entrepreneurs to use, while the remaining 40% being given to small scale food and drink operators. 

Turner's main goal here is to build something that benefits the community; he hopes to creates some much-need affordable work and leisure space, while also sowing the seeds for a hub of creative thinking and enterprise in a formerly disused part of Woolwich.

Should planning permission be granted for Wool Yard, the site will be found on Creton Street, Woolwich, SE18 6LX