Electric Social - New London bar in Brixton

40, Acre Lane, Brixton, London, SW2 5SP

Design-O-Meter: Cocktail bar

Pre Design(s): Chat, drink, dance, fun time party night, sunday roasts 

Electric Social in Brixton is set to be your second home, the warm and welcoming mates country house that you always loved to crash in. Born out of the ashes of the Gold Coast bar that was formerly on this Brixton site, the owners have been working hard this summer to carve out a friendly bar that they urge you to €œCome and be social€¦€ at. Electric Social is an English country manor with an urban twist, the perfect venue for the dynamic and unique Brixton bar and club scene. The venue will be set on two levels, the first floor a bar and restaurant space offering up classic and fresh British dishes with a Caribbean sprinkle. There are three bars throughout the venue for anything from after work drinks, afternoon chilling to cocktail nights and hedonistic hands-in-the€“air rave ups. The upstairs will be primarily a live music space with unique and eclectic bands and DJs set to liven up the South London scene.  It will be a home where music is the priority until the early hours from with surprises and guest appearances that may well feel like you have just gate crashed your mates parents€™ house for the party of the year!

Electric Social bar in Brixton is the Country manor to party in this year.

It€™s a project that Electric Social manager Jamie Edwards is extremely excited about and openly invites Brixton to embrace €œIn a nutshell, Electric Social is a new social venue for Brixton and the surrounding area. Somewhere to come in and out of at any time of the day or night€. The launch of Electric Social seems excellent timing what with the closure of Rest is Noise and an ever growing and demanding Brixton set wanting new and exciting bars to play in. Located on Acre Lane on the Brixton/Clapham border, it seems an excellent excuse to try something a bit different from the standard Clapham bar scene, and venture a bit further from Clapham High Street.