Drink like Harry Potter with The Blind Pig's Butterbeer cocktail

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Harry Potter Butterbeer Cocktail The Blind Pig

Drink like your favourite literary characters, just remember fighting the Dark Lord is optional.

It’s time to Avada Kedavra those winter blues away fellow wizarding nerds as you can soon warm yourself up on a glass of butterbeer just like Harry Potter himself. Coming courtesy of the Soho mixologists at The Blind Pig – renowned for their pun-tastic drinking menu – you can now tuck into a brand new menu based on famous children’s literature.

The Long and Short Great British Tails list is packed full of whimsically themed mixed drinks crafted from creative ingredients. The Harry's Half a Pint o’ Buttah is crafted from whisky, Kamm & Sons, thyme, beer and butterscotch. And if you’ve always wondered what would happen if there was a pub at the end of 100 Acre Wood, Winnie The Pooh’s Hunny Pot is made from buttered rum, mead, apple brandy, lemon and honey. Other literary characters getting a boozey remix are a gin-based Mr Tummus Tipple from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, while there’s a Paddington Bear mix made from Peruvian Pisco and marmalade. Perhaps most magical of all are the Dream Jars, inspired by Roald Dahl’s The BFG, made with glowing ice cubes. 

Get a Harry Potter Half a Pint o' Buttah and other children's books cocktails from The Bling Pig in Soho.