Plonk Is Teaching You How To Make Your Own Crazy Golf Course From Recycled Materials During Isolation

Published . By Faith Strickland.

Plonk Crazy Golf DIY Golf Course

Make that home golf course explosive with Plonk's help.

It feels like day 4985 of isolation and you're in need of something other than watching Love is Blind for the 1000th time. Crazy golf maestros Plonk might just have the answer. Known across the country for their wacky courses, the brand is helping people in self-isolation create their very own putt putt experience, using materials lying around the home.

In a bid to lower screen-time and alleviate boredom amongst kids and adults, the group are releasing weekly videos, design packs and lessons on how to create a new piece of course. From tunnels to turfs, the courses will also be made from upcycled materials that can be found around the house. Squash bottle? Beer cans? If that speaks to your inner course-designer, the crazy golf gang will also be building the best designs uploaded onto social media for real come summer, in time for their new opening. And some news that will help swing it? Plonk are donating 50% of their £5 membership fee to Lennox's Children Cancer Fund.

Plonk Membership costs £5 (with 50% going to Lennox's Children Cancer Fund) and includes a new downloadable course each week, access to video lessons, invite to live lessons on Zoom, discounts to use later, and weekly prize giveaways.