Win Big As DesignMyNight Launches Its Own Online Quiz To Add Some Extra Excitement To Lockdown

Put your London nightlife knowledge to the test with this fun bar and restaurant quiz.

As we head in to week three of an indeterminable lockdown, it's safe to say the ennui is setting in for many. TV? Watched. Podcasts? Listened to. Puzzles? A great idea until you started one and realised how profoundly dull they are. For what it's worth, we here at DesignMyNight are doing our bit to make sure you're as diverted as possible during this enforced group downtime, and, more importantly, that you keep looking forward to the moment you're unleashed on the city once again. 

We've cobbled together a big ol' quiz for you, and it could see you win big. Compiling our own knowledge of London's nightspots we'll be putting yours to the test across nine questions of bar and restaurant trivia. Turns out you know your stuff? Well then you're in with a chance of adding £200 to your DesignMyNight account, so when all this blows over, your first night of freedom can be entirely on us.

Put your London nightlife knowledge to the test with DesignMyNight's Big Stay At Home Quiz.