It's a question that rears its argumentative head at many a dinner table, but what if the experience to dine like those on Death Row was really an opportunity?

Life is brimming with questionable choices, and many of those can be found in but one ask: 'What would your death row meal be?' and 'What do you mean you'd choose a banana milkshake over chocolate?!'

A new pop-up dining experience that has the London foodie realm debating morality and meals all at once, Death Row Dinners takes to Hackney this October 24th to November 29th for a wholly different concept. From penitentiary to the palate, Death Row Dinners are giving up to 80 guests an immersive experience, where five courses will be cultivated from real-life death row requests at £50 per person.

“If you love food, then at some point in your life you will have discussed the age-old question “What would your last meal be?” and Death Row Dinners goes some way to answering that. Sort of.”  

Is Death Row Dining a quirk we need to be exploring? Is it all sorts of distasteful dining? Is it in fact political and social commentary upon the state of death row services? Or is it merely ample opportunity to indulge in an occasion that many may never, and would likely never want to, be involved in? 

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 UPDATE - Following a fierce backlash and serious threats, the organisers of the event have since cancelled the pop-up.