fall out festival london

If you can raise funds for a potato salad on Kickstarter, why not mount the money for a Hackney hootenanny? 

Kickstarter has seen a bunch o' them, from funds raised for college fees, and Chattanooga cultivating the cash for it's own font, to banana pianos, but now comes a drinking and dancing endeavour that you Dalstonite's may perk your ears up for. 

A Kickstarter festival funded by you and you alone (okay, not just you, we know you're not made of money), Fall Out Festival is a somewhat elusive event taking to Hackney in August 2015. With little to no details confirmed, other than the fact that this two day festival with be a citywide moment given the right investment, it's anyone's guess as to the outcome of this cash-cropping as the organisers explain:

'If 8 people buy a ticket it’s a meal booked in a restaurant. If 8000 people buy tickets, we’ve got a citywide movement and a budget to deliver an incredible weekend. This may have come across as naïve. But it becomes what the people make it.'

Tickets currently come in at £18.50. £18.50 for just quite what? We're just as in the dark as you are, but with promoters already interested in this elusive romp, and the campaign already reaching a monetary peak, we're excited to see what might occur.