Craft Beer Rising is teaming up with Whole Foods Market to bring you a special 9 day celebration of Craft Beer. The London pop up bar will last from 7th - 16th June and be housed at their flagship store on High Street Kensington. The pop up will have two predominant features - firstly they will be transforming the main front display into a unique pop-up pub. This will have room for 30 seated people and will serve a variety of cask and keg beer.

Craft Beer Rising Whole Foods Market KensingtonThe Craft Beer Rising pop-up pub overlooking High Street Kensington.

The pub will be open throughout the duration of the festival and give guests the rare opportunity to enjoy a beer in the window of a High Street Kensington shop and watch the world go by. The second main feature will last from 10th - 15th of June, and will consist of the pop-up pub being used to host a series of beer and food tasting evenings. These evenings will be staged by six different breweries and features guest speakers, Ben McFarland and Melissa Cole.