Cocktails in court? You can now drink in the Krays' old holding cell

Added on . By Katie Houghton.

kray brother cocktails london

Don't want to do the crime, but want to pay the cocktail time? This is likely the place for you.

Notorious, and all sorts o' naughty, the Kray twins didn't make their name pick-pocketing, shouting at cats, cursing and stealing sweets from the local newsagent, these fellas were hardened, stiff criminals; and now you can go for a stiff few in their previous holding cells at the former magistrates court. 

With £40million at hand, this previous law-enforcing plot has now been transformed into the luxury Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch, and with it, the 5ft x 15ft cells which one held the Krays whilst awaiting trial. Keeping their original fixtures, and withholding guests behind metal reinforced doors, these holding cells (set in amongst the venue's plethora of bars) not only led to life sentences for the dastardly duo, they're now home to cocktails the likes of the 'Slammer' and the 'Clink'. 

The Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch is found at the former magistrates court on 335-337 Old Street.