We Took A Trip Through The History Of Our Favourite Tipples At This New Immersive Drinks Experience

cocktail time machine immersive cocktail experience London

Journey through time and tipples with this new cocktail experience from the Murdér Express gang.

Taking over the site formerly held by Wringer & Mangle, the Timeless Bar & Kitchen seems like your standard Hackney watering hole - exposed pipes, trendy clientele, neon script on the walls, a secret immersive cocktail experience hidden away at the back - just the usual. 

Yep, London Fields’ newest drinking den is also packing the city’s newest drinking experience. Cocktail Time Machine is the latest project from the Funicular Productions team, who brought us The Murdér Express, but this time they’re taking things off the track and blazing a trail through space and time.

The concept is simple: over the course of 75 minutes you’ll be whisked through three different rooms via a series of time warps that wouldn’t look out of place on The Mighty Boosh. From seeing how the mojito got its name, to the phrase that brought about the birth of the espresso martini, you’ll get a live-action reenactment of some of cocktail history’s most important moments. 

More than just a passive sip-a-long, you and your fellow travellers have an important role to play throughout, as each room requires you to find a key, or clue, aimed at discovering more about the creator of the time machine. How much you uncover really depends on how many happy hour drinks you sink beforehand - and at the Timeless Bar, it’s always happy hour - but I can promise you’ll be furnished with a fun selection of boozy beverages and entertained by an enthusiastic cast of characters looking to bring the tales of those key cocktails to life.

The Cocktail Time Machine runs every Wednesday - Sunday at the Timeless Bar & Kitchen, Sidworth Street, London, E8 3SD. Tickets start from £36 and include 3 cocktails throughout the 75-minute experience.