Celebrate your birthday with a cake made entirely out of chicken wings

Added on . By Tom Capon.

The Chicken Wing Birthday Cake by Orange Buffalo at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

Why settle for sub-par sponge cake when you can eat literally an entire plate of meat?

I know what you’re thinking: “I want to go for a birthday meal and have everyone sing me happy birthday because I love attention, but I hate sweet things like cake!’ Well, weirdly specific person, once again you’ve asked and London has delivered, because instead of the age-old tradition of eating an uncomfortable amount of icing for your birthday, you can now get a cake made entirely out of chicken wings.

I mean, it’s cake in the loosest sense of the word. The award-winning mavericks behind this idea, Orange Buffalo at residency in Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen, have described it as ‘literally a mound of their signature chicken wings presented on a cake stand with happy birthday candles on top.’ But if, for some reason, that isn’t quite special enough for your special day, these come with boozy Hot Shots infused with Orange Buffalo sauce. Expect to find flavours like ‘Mango No.5’, made from Cointreau, the ‘Vincent’ Mango Hot Sauce, and Southern Comfort, and the taste-bud-threatening ‘Snake on the Brain’, with Sambuca, Amarula, Viper Sauce and Grenadine. Who knew cutting out the birthday carbs could be so easy?

The Chicken Wing Birthday Cake is available at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen and is complimentary for groups of 10 or more people, or available to buy for £18.