lost boys pizza london

'Look at your reflection in the mirror. You're a creature of the night Michael, just like out of a comic book!'

I'll be honest, I have a bit of a TV type, and if it isn't Spike from Buffy, it's Kiefer Sutherland in Lost Boys. My type is clearly peroxide blondes with a thirst for blood, just don't tell the man I'm marrying that. And while that doesn't realistically extend to my love life, it could extend to my diet. 

Brought to you by Alex Fisher and Peter Crozier-Clucas, Lost Boys Pizza in Archway is redefining the slice and giving it a blood-sucking edge, all in casual dining space where retro vampire posters, cartoons and themed pizza names have their time to shine. Bringing you some of London's only charcoal based pizzas, Lost Boys aren't just giving you goth-pizza-realness, these black as night bases promise to help aid digestion and enhance flavour. But how about those toppings? For the vegans there's plenty to go on in the shape of their Kale All Vampires at £8 with kale, cherry tomatoes, caramelised shallots, lemon zest and oregano, while those biting at the meaty bit can enjoy the Frog Brothers Special with apple smoked ham, artichokes and pickled mushrooms.

Lost Boys Pizza can be found in Archway at 141 Junction Road, London, N19 5PX. Head on down for their charcoal pizza bases and a brunch pizza to boot.