KOKO,1A Camden High Street, London, NW1 7JE

The people of Buttoned Down Disco are a bunch of geniuses in the field of hard partying, that put together nights out at various venues, for us, the hard partiers to enjoy.

On the first Saturday of each month at Koko in Camden, BDD parties are like that forbidden house party at a school friend parents house, with all the authentic old theatre decor surroundings, that strangely add to the fun. Because Koko was formerly a theatre, it has numerous balconies at different locations and levels and spending the night on one of them will allow for a toned down version of the night. 

Fun Activities @BDD

Upon entering a Buttoned Down Disco event, you are handed your souvenir BDD badge and you can immediately notice you€™re at a party with a difference.  A lot of the fellow attendee€™s will have some sort of fancy dress or different looking addition to their normal clubbing gear, so you can expect to be dancing next to sailor hat topped, angel winged adorned, Tutu wearing, red nose clad individuals, listening to anything from Indie, Motown, Eclectic Pop, Funk, Punk, Disco and whatever else the BDD lot feel like chucking in to get you going. So what else do BDD chuck in? Giant Balloon Balls. Yes, that€™s right, giant balloon balls are chucked in and on to the dance floor, to create a bit of fun. It€™s a totally different experience as one slowly floats towards you while you dance, or watching multi-coloured giant balloons flying around from the balconies. 

The Balcony View @KOKO 

To keep it clean, the Buttoned Down Disco crew have a strict invite only basis when admitting to the venue, so you must email ahead to get your invite and take it with you to get in, but make sure you have it for every member of your group otherwise they won€™t be getting in.  

So basically; theatre, badges, angel wings and sailor hats, Indie, Funk and Punk and Giant Balloon Balls... The BDD recipe for fun. 

Drinks Price Guide:

Sourz: £1.70 (all night)

Selected Beers: £2.40 (until midnight)

Door Charge:

Free before 10pm, £10 thereafter per person

Dress Code:

No work/office wear, hen do/stag style party wear or trashy fancy dress

Click here for more information on KOKO.