Dance in the dark at this blackout club night

Last updated . By Faith Strickland.

Pitch Black Club Night London Fields

The Secret DJ is teaming up with Bugged Out! fora night of pitch black clubbing.

Forget headliners and worshipping the DJ, this club night in London Fields is taking clubbing back to its basics. Bugged Out! club nights have enlisted the help of The Secret DJ - following his book on the deterioration of the nightlife scene - to show how they would do it better. The result? A completely pitch black night taking place at Hangar in London Fields.

Ravers will be asked to leave their phone and ego at the door as blind hosts lead them down into the multi-room venue. Along with removing one of your senses, sound will be improved by renowned sound engineer Andy Kayll, who's created a system specially for the night, which organisers hope will recreate a Chill Out. Topping this journey of sound off, there will be a line-up of four secret DJs, though don't expect to find out who they are - a gauze will hide the decks from sight.

The Dark Room will take place at Hangar, 2-18 Warburton Road, London, E8 3FN on Saturday 13th October. Tickets start from £10.