Cupid-Approved Concoctions: The Best Valentine's Day Cocktails In London

Ready to get your heart racing once the 14th of February rolls around? We know some tongue-tantalising tipples that will fit the bill. From romantic rose flavours to candy concoctions and even those topped with edible gold leaf or strawberry air (yes, really), the best Valentine's day cocktails in London are just a sip away.


Madison: Candy Kiss

One of the most popular cocktails for Valentine's Day in London is Madison's Candy Kiss (£18), which makes its return this February 2024. Expect a vermouth, elderflower liqueur, crème de cassis, and Champagne muddle, all topped off by a tuft of candyfloss. If that wasn't enough to impress? Just check out what you could be gazing at while you drink (other than your date, of course).

Madison Candy Kiss Valentine's Day Drinks London | DesignMyNight

V-Day views aren't the only thing on offer at Madison.

Rake's Cafe Bar: Shape Of My Heart

When in need of cocktails for your Valentine's Day date in London, Rake's Cafe Bar has your back with Shape Of My Heart. Floral and sweet, the pretty little pink number combines combines gin, Lanique, lemon, cranberry, soda, peach and jasmine to bring a touch of romance to your drinks across this stunning setting.

Shape Of My Heart Rake's Cafe Bar Valentine's Day Cocktail London | DesignMyNight

Love? Rake's Cafe Bar have it in a glass.

Louche: Loverboy & Heartbreaker

Louche is the Soho spot that never does things by halves, and Valentine's Day is no exception. Whether you go for the Loverboy (£13) - a rum-laced salted caramel and honeycomb mix - or the Heartbreaker (£14) of vodka, Aperol, peach, passionfruit and prosecco, this jazz bar is sure to sweeten the deal with entertainment.

Louche Loverboy Cocktail Valentine's Day London | DesignMyNight

Slurp love-themed sips while being entertained here.

Quaglino's: Venus & Mars

Quaglino's already know how to wow couples, but once Valentine's Day rolls around this year? Venus (£22) and Mars (£19), signifying love and passion respectively, are on the cards. Choose between a gin, Champagne, pomegranate juice, crème de peche, passion fruit, coconut syrup and vermouth number, or the vodka, clarified pineapple juice, basil, Kummel liqueur and dry vermouth serve.

Venus And Mars Cocktails Valentine's Day Quaglino's London | DesignMyNight

Quaglino's is the famous destination helping you ramp up the romance.

Ballie Ballerson: French Fancy

From pink parties to 'truth or dare' scratch cards and frolics in the pit, Ballie Ballerson have all the themed events you could need to celebrate love this year, whether with friends or your OH. And the liquid libation they've got in store alongside all that fun? Their French Fancy (£9) is a tasty treat of vodka, Chambord and pineapple juice.

Ballie Ballerson French Fancy Valentine's Day Cocktail London | DesignMyNight

Your fav ball pit bar has pretty pink drinks to boot this February.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club: Chocolate Heartbeat

Get a serotonin boost from the indulgent pours at The Chocolate Cocktail Club this Valentine's Day. Their special event sees you part with a tenner for a ticket, which includes a choice of three drinks on arrival. Cupid's Cotton Candy combines fizz, cherry, gin, chocolate bitters and edible glitter-covered garnish, or there's the Black Forest espresso martini and Chocolate Heartbeat.

The Chocolate Cocktail Club Valentine's Day Cupids Cotton Candy l | DesignMyNight

Boozy liquid chocolate? Yes please.

Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel: From Sanctum With Love

Whether you mosey on by Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel for Valentine's dinner or themed afternoon tea, don't say no to drinks on the heated rooftop terrace and swish bar space after. From Sanctum With Love combines vodka, amaretto, watermelon syrup, passion fruit puree, cranberry juice and a dash of tabasco, whereas the Aperol-based candy spritz is topped with edible candyfloss.

From Sanctum With Love Karma Soho Hotel Valentine's Cocktail London | DesignMyNight

The best cocktails for Valentine's Day in London? You'll find a pretty bunch at Karma Sanctum Soho Hotel.

Dirty Bones: Swipe Right

Pudding in a glass? That's exactly what Dirty Bones' Swipe Right (£10) has in store between the 10th and 17th of February. Guzzle your way through this tempting tipple of Biscoff syrup, vanilla vodka, banana liqueur, kahlua and milk at Shoreditch, Soho and Carnaby locations, as it's a hard shake-inspired serve that's an absolute must-drink.

Dirty Bones Swipe Right Cocktail Valentine's London | DesignMyNight

This February flirtation is all kinds of indulgent.

Tozi Grand Cafe: San Valentine

Tozi Grand Cafe's five-course Valentine's Day menu comes complete with a live string duo, sumptuous Italian food and San Valentine cocktails (well, talk about fancy). These sharing serves are made of limoncello, lemon juice, basil and topped up with prosecco for that extra-special feel to add to an already spectacular evening.

TOZI Grand Cafe San Valentine Cocktails London | DesignMyNight

That's amore...

Marsha & The Green Room: Love Shack

Wondering about bottomless Valentine's cocktails in London? Yup, there's even some unlimited sips across our capital. Whether you head to Marsha or The Green Room for brunch, expect to find the Love Shack waiting - a Pampero Blanco rum, almond syrup, pineapple, hibiscus and maraschino liqueur beauty.

Love Shack Best Cocktails For Valentine's Day London | DesignMyNight

Use your drinks to wash down pizza, shakshuka and more.

Callooh Callay: To Diego, Love Frida

After Valentine's Day date night drinks in London? Callooh Callay are channelling their inner artist with To Diego, Love Frida (£14). This mix of two tequilas, orange, coriander shrub and lime makes the ideal accompaniment to the Bella Whispers cabaret show, which is bringing plenty of pizzazz to your evening out this February. 

Callooh Callay To Deigo Love Frida Valentine's Cocktail London l | DesignMyNight

This one gets the Frida Kahlo seal of approval.

The Piano Works: Mwah-Tini

A great pick of London's Valentine's Day cocktail ideas for groups is The Piano Works. Their Mwah-Tini cocktail tree combines Chambord, mango vodka, passionfruit, lime juice and sugar syrup with a cute heart centre. How to snag this beauty? Venture over for a mid-week brunch on the 15th of February. 

Mwah-Tini Piano Works London Valentine's Cocktail Tree | DesignMyNight

Share a kiss with this V-Day cocktail tree.

The Last Talisman: Love At First Sip & More

The Last Talisman has not just one, but a whole bunch of themed drinks for you to make your way through, all shaken up with Four Roses Kentucky bourbon. The Love At First Sip (£12.50) adds Taylor's port, fresh pomegranate juice, Peychaud bitters, rose water, fresh Thai chilli and 'miraculous foam', while Vintage Love (£14) is packed with cherry and completed by fruit wrapped in edible gold.

The Last Talisman Valentine's Day Whisky Cocktails London | DesignMyNight

The options for fun Valentine's Day drinks in London are never-ending here.

LPM London: Beauty And The Beast

LPM London's special Jean Cocteau-inspired cocktails already channel the romance of this poet, playwright and painter, but their Beauty And The Beast (£16) tipple will really hit the spot on Valentine's Day too. This blush-coloured concoction is a balance of Grey Goose, Saint Germain, yellow chartreuse and strawberry-fennel cordial.

LPM London Beauty And The Beast Valentine's Cocktail | DesignMyNight

This beauty has princess and poet inspiration for the ultimate romance hit.

Records Bars: Chambord Royale & More

From Northcote to Eastcheap, Venn Street and Old Street, Records Bars across London have a special 'From Chambord With Love' menu for you to enjoy throughout Valentine's week. There's Chambord Royal for a raspberry twist on bubbles, a whiskey-laced Lola cherry cola and a classic French martini, all accompanying jazz nights where any two drinks and two pizzas start at just £25. What a steal.

Records Bars Chambord Valentine's Day Cocktails London | DesignMyNight

Fun jazz and themed drinks? It's a romance overload.

Chotto MatteEl Cariño

Chotto Matte are delving out El Cariño (£14) cocktails for this season of romance; a gloriously pink twist on the pisco sour. Venture over between 13th and 19th of February, pairing the drink with daisuki (translating to 'I like you romantically' in Japanese) sushi platter, which features a dragon roll and an emphasis on aphrodisiacs. Time to swoon.

Chotto Matte Valentine's Day Pisco Sour London | DesignMyNight

Let this Japanese-Peruvian restaurant sort your drinks.

The Thin White Duke: I Want Candy

Hosting a 1960s Valentine's spectacular alongside showgirl Miss Betsy Rose is The Thin White Duke. £40 nabs you a ticket to the feather, frivolity and burlesque-packed evening, including a slurpable welcome cocktail too. I Want Candy is a delish muddle of rose, cardamom and rum, while the punchy My Funny Clementine mixes gin and vodka with peach.

The Thin White Duke I Want Candy Valentine's Day Cocktail London | DesignMyNight

The Thin White Duke might just be the quirkiest pick for Valentine's Day drinks in London.

Swingers: The New Romantic

Usually known for bringing crazy golf antics to your night out alongside boo, Swingers are really kicking things up a notch with a themed concoction come the 14th February. The New Romantic promises a beaut marriage of Chase rhubarb and Bramley apple gin, Grand Marnier, strawberry purée, and lemon juice.

The New Romantic Swingers Valentine's Cocktail London | DesignMyNight

This Valentine's gin cocktail in London comes with a side order of fun activities.

Como Garden: Fall In Love

Garnished with fluttering rose petals and juicy fruit, Como Garden's Fall In Love cocktail is the epitome of Valentine's Day tipples. Not only is this drink quite the looker, but its make-up of amaretto, Bacardi Bianco, wild strawberry puree, fresh lemon and egg white is sure to tickle your taste buds. You'll be swilling down an Italian meal across a gorgeous setting in no time.

Como Garden Fall In Love Valentine's Cocktail London | DesignMyNight

Italian and cocktails: the two languages of love.

Park Chinois: Fleur D'Amour

While you're munching through lamb cutlets and boozy chocolate mousse sharers at the stunning Park Chinois? You'll wanna try their cocktail of the loved-up season: Fleur D'Amour (£19.50). This pretty-in-pink pick is a delightful blend of Chambord, falernum and Delamotte Brut Champagne NV - best enjoyed while gazing into your other half's eyes.

Fleur D'Amour Park Chinois Valentine's Day Cocktail London | DesignMyNight

When you need an Instagrammable destination for your amorous cocktails, this is it.

Sparrow Italia: Basilicata

Sparrow Italia's decadent Mediterranean menu of cacio e pepe and A5 carpaccio has the ideal accompaniment this Valentine's Day: Basilicata (£21). Made from Amaro Lucano, Aperol, Campari, lemon, basil and a mysterious mist of 'strawberry air', this one features the finest Italian ingredients to match the restaurant's high-end dishes.

Pink Valentine's Day Cocktail London 34 Mayfair | DesignMyNight

This London Valentine's Day cocktail is the stuff of dreams. 

El Norte: Yin & Yang Cocktails

Taking inspiration from opposite but interconnecting forces, El Norte has launched Yin and Yang wild berry cocktails. The former balances smokiness with fruit through the addition of mezcal, Cointreau, lime juice and fresh grenadine, while the latter is made from pisco, egg white, lemon juice and mint leaves to create a silky, sweet drink.

El Norte Mayfair Yin & Yang Valentine's Cocktails | DesignMyNight

A marriage made in heaven.

Zuaya: Cupid

Latin American favourite Zuaya knows all about passion, so is shaking up a Cupid cocktail to encapsulate the Roman god of love on the 14th of February only. This fresh and fruity one isn't just a pretty face either, as it's a divine mix of vodka, St-Germain infused with wild raspberries, fresh lime and mint leaves, alongside some oh-so-secret ingredients too.

Zuaya London Cupid Cocktail Valentine's Day | DesignMyNight

It doesn't get much better than a drink inspired by Cupid himself.

34 Mayfair: Monkey Club Fizz

As 34 Mayfair's 'winter forest' installation continues, so do their limited-edition cocktails courtesy of Monkey 47 Schwarzwald dry gin. Bringing some beauties in time for Valentine's Day, the menu spans everything from Monkey Club Fizz's (£19) raspberry and rose bubbles to the Parma Violets-flavoured Bluebird (£22) - a G&T with an extra kick of maraschino and creme de violette.

Pink Valentine's Day Cocktail London 34 Mayfair | DesignMyNight

Pink drinks for Valentine's Day in London don't get much better than this.

Discount Suit Company: Draw Back Your Bow

This top choice of Valentine's cocktails for two in London sees The Umbrella Project join forces with Finland’s Kyrö Distillery. Their guest serve is whipped up from New Make rye spirit, lingonberry cordial, fig leaf liqueur and rose vermouth at Discount Suit Company for a unique, fresh flavour. Quaff Draw Back Your Bow across the sultry space here.

Discount Suit Company Draw Back Your Bow London Valentine's Cocktail | DesignMyNight

There's sharing love potions on the cards at Discount Suit Company.

Tattu: Shanghai Rose

Just when you thought luxury Chinese restaurant Tattu couldn't get anymore perfect for romance, they go and whip up some themed drinks to get you in the mood too. Sharing cocktail Shanghai Rose (£60) is made with Peddlar’s Gin, rose and Champagne - the perfect ruby red tipple to accompany your meal.

Tattu London Valentine's Day Sharing Cocktails | DesignMyNight

High-end food and cocktails? Tattu is a treat for someone special.

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