9 Best Spots For Toasties In London

Feelin' peckish? Nothing hits the spot quite like a hearty toastie, oozing with oodles of cheese and packed to the brim with your favourite fillings. These classic snack-time creations have been elevated by the London restaurant scene, evolving from classic Breville-sealed cheddar and beans to gourmet sandwiches on artisan sourdough with a medley of cheeses. Read on to discover where to find the gooiest, most golden-brown fromage-on-bread combo of your dreams with our guide to best cheese toasties in London.

Aspen And Meursault

Aspen And Meursault is a bustling cafe, deli and wine bar serving some of the best house-roasted coffee, fresh bread, pastries, and, of course, some fabulous bottles of wine in leafy Battersea. But the real star of the show? It's got to be their ever-indulgent Nduja croissant toastie. Picture this: spiced pork sausage and smoked cheddar cheese, all cosied up inside a flaky croissant, toasted to perfection. It's safe to say, this might be toastie of our dreams. What's more, the place itself is like a breath of fresh air — all wood and windows, with warm yellow walls to set the mood for a grilled cheese (or two) and a gorgeous brick fireplace adding to the charm.

Aspen And Meursault Best Toastie London | DesignMyNight

Can't find the best spots for toasties in London restaurants? It's a gouda day for a grilled cheese at Aspen And Meursault.

Comptoir Cafe & Wine

Comptoir Cafe & Wine, nestled in the heart of Mayfair, is a haven for wine enthusiasts and toastie lovers alike. Owned by master sommelier Xavier Rousset, this boho-chic café and bar features an extensive wine collection as well as some seriously decadent toasties. Keep an eye out for The New Yorker, brimming with Dedham Vale pastrami, mature cheddar, Dijon mustard, and plenty of pickles or try out the Lancashire toastie, packed with more cheddar and sliced red onions. Trust us, even if you're on a dairy break, these toasties are guaranteed to have you swooning.

Comptoir Cafe & Wine Best Toastie London | DesignMyNight

Best grilled cheese in London, you ask? Bite into bliss with Comptoir Cafe & Wine's cheesy toasties.

The Cheese Bar

Fromage enthusiasts will know The Cheese Bar well, with its trio of hotspots sprinkled all across London. With an entire menu section devoted to these melty marvels, you can dive into options like a cheddar and onion creation with the option to add glazed ham, West Country brie with rocket and chilli jam, or goat's cheese with honey, walnut, and rosemary butter. Whether you hit up the Camden Market flagship, the Pick & Cheese conveyor belt in Covent Garden, or The Cheese Barge in Paddington, you're in for some seriously gooey goodness.

The Cheese Bar Best Toastie London | DesignMyNight

Say cheese. The Cheese Bar's toasties are picture-perfect.


When it comes to jazzing up a plain ol' cheese toastie, Bombay-inspired eatery Dishoom knows exactly how to do it right, and their chilli cheese toast is the prime example. This isn't your typical grilled cheese — it's a mouthwatering creation packed with glistening melted cheese, green chillies, capsicum, and garlic on a warm sliced loaf. What's more, if you fancy kickstarting your morning with a cheesy pick-me-up, try out their breakfast dish, Kejriwal. This punchy green chilli cheese toastie on bloomer bread comes with two perfectly fried eggs on top and is the perfect brunch treat.

Dishoom Best Toastie London | DesignMyNight

Whether it's breakfast or a cheesy snack attack, Dishoom's creations hit the spot with a spicy twist.

The Wigmore

If you're on the hunt for a cheese toastie in London that's next-level indulgent, make your way to Michel Roux Jr's posh pub, The Wigmore, for their famous XXL Stovetop 3 Cheese & Mustard. This foot-long wonder is packed with Dijon mustard, red onion, cornichons, chives and an insane amount of Montgomery cheddar, Ogleshield, and raclette cheeses, making it a drippy, melty dream come true. Browned to perfection and oozing cheesy goodness, this comfort food favourite arrives at your table squished under two cast-iron bacon presses, keeping it deliciously gooey until the very last bite.

The Wigmore Best Toastie London | DesignMyNight

Over a foot long, The Wigmore's XXL Stovetop 3 Cheese & Mustard is probably London's largest cheese toastie.

Cora Pearl

Bringing elevated comfort food to a historic Covent Garden townhouse, Cora Pearl's ham and cheese toastie, possibly the daintiest grilled cheese option in London, is a culinary homage to chef George Barson's childhood love for toasted ham sandwiches with Branston pickle — but with a gourmet twist that takes hours to perfect. This isn't your average toastie; it features a cheese ganache enriched with Guinness as well as shredded smoked hock and jowls for the ham. The sandwich is then completed with a sauce made from pork bones and served alongside a tangy homemade pickle.

Cora Pearl Best Toastie London | DesignMyNight

Melting hearts and cheese in every bite, that's Cora Pearl for you.


Bringing a taste of Scotland to East London, Deeney's started as a humble stall on Broadway Market, where it quickly became renowned for its scrumptious grilled cheeses. You can track down these Scottish cheese wizards in Leyton or catch them at Broadway Market every Saturday, slinging their legendary macbeth toastie. Piled high with haggis, bacon, cheddar, caramelised onions, rocket, and mustard, it's a toastie fit for a king — or a hungry Londoner. Not a fan of haggis? Don't fret. This cheesy joint has a whole menu filled with fromage-smushed options, featuring everything from salt beef to roast chicken and fiery 'nduja sausage fillings.

Deeney's Best Toastie In London | DesignMyNight

Deeney's Scottish patty melt adds a meaty twist to the classic toastie.

La Fromagerie

Can't stop scouring the web for 'toasties near me'? La Fromagerie offers a delightful breakfast spread in the charming locales of Bloomsbury and Marylebone. This award-winning cheese and wine shop-cum-café is a haven for cheese lovers, promising top-notch toasties crafted by passionate cheesemongers. Sink your teeth into options like the farmhouse cheese and succulent roast ham toastie, or opt for the vegetarian delight with farmhouse cheese and vine-ripened tomatoes. Pair these tasty treats with cups of exceptional Italian coffee, delightful tea infusions from Toulouse, or freshly squeezed juice for a truly continental morning experience.

La Fromagerie Best Toastie London | DesignMyNight

With its cosy ambience and laid-back vibe, La Fromagerie is the perfect spot for a leisurely weekend brunch.

Kappacasein Dairy

No Borough Market foodie adventure is complete without a pilgrimage to Kappacasein Dairy, home to what some call London's most legendary toastie. Fresh off their market stall, these cheese connoisseurs craft their toasties using produce sourced from an organic farm on Bore Place estate in Kent. Their menu keeps it simple (because why mess with perfection?), featuring a rich blend of grated Montgomery cheddar, Comte, and the star of the show, Ogleshield — a washed rind cheese akin to raclette, developed by owner Bill Oglethorpe. This melty masterpiece is sandwiched between slices of Polaine sourdough and finished with a savoury sprinkle of onions and leeks. Yum.

Kappacasein Dairy Best Toastie In London | DesignMyNight

All you need is love... and a delicious cheese toastie from Kappacasein Dairy.

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