Best Rage Rooms In London (And Even More Nearby)

Feelin' a bit smashed by the daily grind? Don't fret - the capital's got you covered with some of the greatest spots in town to let your inner Hulk out (no gamma radiation required). It's time to break away from the norm and dive into the cathartic world of destruction therapy. Here are our top wreck-ommendations for the best rage rooms in and around London to smash your stress away. Safety goggles on, folks.


Rage Out, Maidstone 

Got a case of the Mondays or just feelin' the fury simmer? Head over to Rage Out in Maidstone for half an hour of blissful destruction. In this arena of annihilation, you'll find a smorgasbord of smashable objects waiting to meet their doom, all while you're decked out in the latest fashion in safety. Arm yourself with your weapon of choice — hammers, baseball bats, or crowbars — then set the mood for mayhem with your Spotify soundtrack. It's time to unleash your fury in a 30-minute, destructively therapeutic bash-fest and demolish your stress into oblivion at this epic rage room London has to offer.

Rage Out Maidenstone London Rage Room | DesignMyNight

Rage Out offers a bespoke smashing experience that's second to none.

Smash Room, Bexley

Tucked away in the outer reaches of Zone 6, Smash Room stands as London's one and only temple of controlled chaos. This unique spot is the brainchild of Reverse and Change, the local heroes of upcycling and recycling in Erith, turning what's old into gold. The bits and bobs that don't make the cut for their main gig find a second life as ammo for your smashing spree. Gear up in your wrecking gear, blast your breakup playlist, pick your weapon of mass destruction and let 'er rip. Plus, if you fancy turning your trail of demolition into a masterpiece, the shattered China can be reborn in upcycling projects and art classes later on. 

Smash Room London Rage Room | DesignMyNight

Smash, bash, and crash your way through a 15-minute, eco-friendly frenzy at Smash Room London.

Urban Xtreme, Colchester 

Step into Essex's first-ever adrenaline-pumping rage room brought to you by Urban Xtreme, and get ready for the smashing spree of a lifetime. With a treasure trove of items just begging for destruction and a lineup of tools (think hammers, baseball bats, or the classic power of your own throwing arm), your dreams of demolition are about to become a reality. Whether it's the sweet sound of a TV crunching under pressure or the shatter of plates and cups, they've got your smash therapy covered. So, why bottle up when you can break down? Find your zen in the art of destruction. It's time to rage, refresh, and repeat.

Urban Extreme London Rage Room | DesignMyNight

Best rage room in London, you ask? At Urban Xtreme, stress relief is just a sledgehammer away.

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