Barbarella, one of Chelsea's most glamorous restaurant and bars – has been a long-lasting celebrity haunt for over 40 years and will be saluting the 80s in quite spectacular fashion. For a limited period, the iconic late-night restaurant will be offering a selection of classic dishes from an authentic 1980’s menu, BUT at the original 1980's prices. Now this may not seem like a massive deal to some, but your minds will soon be changed when you see the spectacular food on offer, and the gastronomically low prices. Such as: Starter - Cose Di Maiale Casanova (spare ribs) for £2.20 and Main - Polla Alla (chicken breast fried and filled with butter, garlic and parsley) for only 2.85.

Barbarella taste of the eightiesExpect Barbarella's normal quality service, but at mind-blowingly cheap prices.

The menu will pay homage to Barbarella’s heyday – when the food was a mix of sophisticated Mediterranean fare. Featuring classics such as ‘Baked Avocado with prawns and a lobster sauce’ and ‘Duckling baked with apple quarters and simmered in Cinzano Bianco’. The dishes have been crafted using modern techniques and the highest quality seasonal ingredients, but with starters around the £1-£2 mark and main courses averaging around £2-£3. The special menu launched on Thursday 25th April and will last for four weeks from Tuesday - Thursday, so book early, as it’s likely to sell-out faster than you can say – “Maggie Thatcher”.  For your place at Barbarella’s Taste of The Eighties special, book with us online.