lucha libre in london 2017

Are you ready for one of the best Mexican wrestling events in London? Get set for Lucha Libre.

On a balmy night last summer, I got kicked in the face by a Mexican wrestler. My nose bled, the crowd roared, and I loved every second of it. That's right ladies and gentleman, I did get accidentally swiped outside of the arena, and that's right ladies and gentleman, I will be going back for round two.

While a clear accident last year, there's something that The Greatest Spectacle of Lucha Libre don't dare apologise for, and that's the high octane action found at their shows. One of the best ways to get your Mexican wrestling fix in London, Lucha Libre return to York Hall in Bethnal Green for more 'flamboyant capes and outlandish suits, complex acrobatic moves, rapid sequence holds, and spectacular high-flying maneuvers'. Featuring some of the biggest names in Lucha Libre, tickets from just £25 secure you a taste of names the likes of El Hijo de Fishman, Cassius The Neon Explosion and female wresters Muñeca de Trapo and Diablesa Ros for a night of unrivalled entertainment. 

Hoot, holler, scream and kick your way through this show, as Lucha Libre promise action, aerial moves, drama and plenty of boozy punch behind the bar. As for me? I'll be the one with the whisky and coke, and the nose bleed.

The Greatest Spectacle of Lucha Libre returns to York Hall this Friday 23rd & Saturday 24th June 2017. It's also headed to Manchester's Albert Hall on Thursday 22nd June. Tickets for the London show start from £25, depending on where you sit within the arena.