blobfish, eat london, blobfish cafe, bizarreThe Blobfish was awarded the upsetting title of World's Ugliest Animal in 2013.

The world's first Blobfish Café is set to open in East London during the Summer of 2016. Celebrating all things Blobfish, the team behind this venture will hope to erode the image that they believe has unfairly been awarded to one of the deep sea's most miserable looking creatures.

Having first tried to open in an industrial estate near Acton, the Blobfish Café has instead swam its way east to a part of the city that seems to be slightly more welcoming. The café's primary aim is to educate the public about these deep sea heathens. The team has worked closely with the world's best biologists and marine experts to delicately transport 3 real life blobfishes to the café's pressurised tanks, giving customers a chance to come face-to-scale with 2013 Ugliest Animal. Named Lorcan, Lady Swift and Barry, the cafe hopes to highlight their human side and the show off the wonders of a fish that usually hangs out with Dragonfishes and Vampire Squids. 

Alongside hosting a whole range of educational classes and talks about blobfishes, the cafe will also boast a delicious menu of food and, pending the approval of their alcohol license, a huge range of beverages and concoctions. Keeping up with the marine theme of the cafe, they'll also be holding weekly gourmet nights, offering dinners an eight course deep sea themed tasting menu. 

Whether you simply see it as just another ridiculous attempt to be hipster-chic, or think the Blobfish Café will eventually become one of the city's most interesting attractions, there's no doubt that East London's delicate ecosystem will definitely be affected.  

The Blobfish Café will be opening at some point in the Summer of 2016.