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The creative thinkers at Bompas & Parr hope to completely transform your drinking habits this Summer, opening a bar that's filled with alcohol vapour and swaying patrons. Rather than getting tipsy through the conventional means of drinking, simply pay this cosy nook a visit and take in a few deep, intoxicating breathes. 

The bar is set to open in July and takes up residency in the heart of an ancient monastery in Borough Market. According to the team behind this intriguing adventure, drinking alcohol and the working week is a partnership that simply doesn't work. But rather than missing out on the best this vibrant city has to offer, they believe relaxing in an alcoholic mist is the best way to escape the prison that is your office.

For the price of £12.50, guests will be invited into their misty rooms for an hour, soaking up as much diffused glory as possible. The atmosphere itself is created using a powerful humidifier that fills the otherwise clear room in a low-hanging cloud of various mixers and spirits; visibility is significantly reduced to less than 3 feet, and the muggy, 140% humidity will ensure that guests float out of this contained haze with a light head and smile etched across their face.

This is clearly a well thought out project. The team at Bompas & Parr notched up on their scientific knowledge while developing this idea, working closely with a group of respiratory experts to understand the complex theories and ideas involved in creating a room filled with alcoholic moisture. With most people absorbing the moisture through their mucous membranes, lungs and eyes, it's been calculated that a mere 40 minutes of steady breathing will give patrons a controlled buzz. Don't fret about your clothes either, you'll be given a waterproof poncho and apron; no one needs to leave this place stinking of booze!

Alcoholic Architecture will open at the end of July and will remain at its Borough Market venue for 6 months.