A Syrian chef is opening a London pop-up restaurant to support refugee charity #CookForSyria

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

Imad's Syrian Kitchen Cook for Syria

Hoping to rebuild his business and deliver some excellent Syrian flavours, Imad Alarnab is kickstarting this pop-up restaurant.

It says something about the tenacity of human passion that someone who flees from a war-torn country can then use that passion to help others and spread happiness. This is the case for Syrian chef Imad Alarnab, who was forced to flee to the UK, but is now launching his first pop-up restaurant in Bethnal Green from 9th March.

The pop-up, Imad’s Syrian Kitchen, sponsored by Appear Here, will run for two weeks, and offers a three-course set menu of delicious Syrian dishes. The food will be served on large sharing platters, and feature traditional plates such as fattoush – toasted flatbreads, pomegranate molasses, tomato and cucumber – and tabakh rohoo – aubergine squash and tamarind stew. If supporting an amazing cause and eating wonderful Syrian food wasn’t enough reason to visit the pop-up, the staff will be made of fellow Syrian refugees and friends living in London.

Imad formerly owned two restaurants and several juice bars in Damascus, but they were unfortunately destroyed in the country’s civil war. After seeking refugee status in the UK, he became an advisor to Unicef campaign #CookForSyria and now he hopes this pop-up will allow him to rebuild his business in the UK. It will also raise awareness for the campaign, and he'll donate 10% of proceeds to the charity, which aids Syrian children, and Unicef NEXTGeneration. Who knew supporting a good cause could be so delicious?

Imad's Syrian Kitchen will be open from 9th March for two weeks at 134 Columbia Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 7RN.