A Huge Cheesecake Skull Has Been Created For Halloween By Chino Latino

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Day of the Dead Chino Latino

Chino Latino has created an epic skull cheesecake for Halloween 2017.

It doesn't matter if you revel at the sight of vampires, the living dead and little girl ghosts, or cower in fear, as Chino Latino on London's Albert Embankment have created a sure-fire hit for this year's Halloween. Werner Seebach, the executive chef of the Peruvian restaurant group, has created a ginormous skull cheesecake that will be served in the south London venue. Costing £10, the huge themed dessert will consist of a white chocolate, yuzu and raspberry skull-shaped mousse perched on top of a lychee and Matcha crunch. Be quick though, you only have five days to sink your fangs into this monstrosity.

Head to Chino Latino, Park Plaza Riverbank, 18 Albert Embankment, Lambeth, London, SE1 7TJ to try the Chino Cheesecake from 27th - 31st October.