A brie-lliant cheese festival is coming to London - and it's completely free

Last updated . By Gurjot Thind.

London cheese project, camden market

The cheese festival will bring together all of London's big hitter, including cheesemakers like Wildes and Kappacasein. 

A free cheese festival is making its whey to Camden Market this May. Called The London Cheese Project, it'll bring just some of London's many cheese vendors and specialists for a weekend of great flavour and frivolous, cheese-based activities. 

The festival has been created by a team of connoisseurs, including the maestro behind the iconic Cheese Bar Matthew Carver, cheese journalist Patrick McGuighan and Gringa Dairy owner Kirsten Schepp. The team have invited the biggest names in London's cheese circles to Camden and will show off the best cheese-based recipes and dishes that the city has to offer. 

Alongside Tottenham's Wildes Cheese and Bermondsey's famous Kappacasein cheesemaker, the festival will feature mac 'n' cheese specialists Mac To The Future and the famous Voodoo Ray's pizza restaurant. Guests can even sit down to a cheese-based lecture and hear all about how the finest curds are created. 

But best of all, entry to this festival is totally free and so is perfect for both the many cheese-mad Londoners out there and those that simply don't give edam.

The London Cheese Project will be held at North London's Camden Market, NW1 8AL and will be completely free for guests to enter. It will be open between 11 AM - 8 PM on Saturday 6th May and 11 AM - 6 PM on Sunday 7th May 2017.