You cut in a fringe, you eat your soup with a fork and you bought your cat a lead at the ultimate peril of any and all social relationships; we're all looking for something a little different to try, but what about when it comes to London's dining scene? Considering that this is one heck of a continental city, unusual dining isn't all that hard to stroll across; eat in the nude, dine in the dark or scoff down jungle bugs for starter, main and dessert. Check out our pick of some of the most unusual food in London.....

You won't have a clue: Dans Le Noir

Having only eaten in the dark once thanks to an electricity blowout, I can't say I've ever seen the venture as rewarding; until London. Not only will you be dining in the absolute dark with blind guides navigating you to your seat, selecting the secret menu option at Dans Le Noir means you'll have little to no clue as to what you're eating; options are only retained as meat, vegetable or fish.

dans le noir unusual london dining

Dans Le Noir puts your palate to the test as dining in the dark is combined with secret menus.

Pulled pork as dessert: TGI Fridays

While many will have been threatened with a TGI Friday birthday call out once puberty struck, not only are they pretty much a staple for dirty burger inspired bites in the city, they're putting everything you knew about pulled pork into question. While a blend you'd normally miss come dinner at a chum's who is not so apt in the kitchen, this Pulled Pork Sundae is a hybrid of battered halloumi strips, mashed potato and BBQ pulled pork. 

pulled pork sundae london food

TGI Fridays leave dining normality behind with their piled high pulled pork number. 

The noodle burger: Pimp My Ramen

A meaty piece wedged between the impression of Justin Timberlake's hair circa NSYNC? It must be Pimp My Ramen. Not only one of the only places in London where you can snag a noodle bun burger (yes, a noodle burger), Pimp My Ramen are purveyors of ultimate blends as their oriental twist can be packed with the likes of Filipino pulled pork, Indian spiced patties and more. 

pimp my ramen burger london

Pimp My Ramen is one of the only places in London to wedge meat between noodles and call it a burger.

It's fruit, but it's meat, but it's fruit: Heston Blumenthal

While we'd all like to rub his head and make a wish, Heston Blumenthal's credit ultimately comes in the shape of some of the most unique food in London. And while his quirky plates, dry-ice dishes and more take president, there's one dish in the shape of Meat Fruit that has had diners baffled. Shaped like fruit, smelling like fruit and pretty much, ya know, fruit, this dish is ultimately a chicken liver parfait in disguise. Woah now.

meat fruit unusual food in london

Heston Blumenthal tricks the dining crowd with his parfait disguised as fruit. 

All things bug and beautiful: Archipelago 

I'll be honest, aside from telling you that you can eat artisan creepy crawlies at Archipelago, one of the best ways of introducing diners to some of these barmy bug dishes is to simply detail some of the menu items: pan fried chermoula crickets, love-bug salad, caramel mealworms, chocolate covered locusts. You may squirm, but bugs DO have the ultimate in accessible protein. 

unusual london food bugs archipelago

Bite down on bugs courtesy of one of the most unusual A La Carte menus in London.