Matcha Cheesecake And Mochi Platters: 10 Best Japanese Desserts In London

Over in Japan, dessert is more than just a sweet treat to indulge in after dinner. Oh no, their little bites of heaven are encased in hundreds of years of heritage, and are often beautiful works of art. Due to the fabulous fact that our lovely city is a melting pot of cultures, we’re lucky enough to be able to try these nibbles right here. From authentic wagashi and traditional mochi through to pretty pastries and modern takes on classic flavours, here are the 10 best Japanese desserts in London.


The chefs over at Sican combine the flavours of Japan and Peru, slinging out stunning plates of sushi, ceviche and grilled bites. They also happen to do tasty Japanese desserts, like their melting chocolate ball (£23.50), made up of banana cake and green tea ice cream, melted with a hot salted caramel sauce. You'll be licking your plate clean after this one...

Sican Japanese Desserts In London | DesignMyNight

At Sican, they also host all kinds of quirky entertainment.

Aqua Kyoto

Aqua Kyoto is a swanky eatery just off Regent Street which is appeasing hungry tums with innovative Asian grub. As for dessert, we always go for the wasabi and white chocolate parfait sandwich. If you fancy a tipple to go with your treat, we'd go for the Japanese Garden, a mix of gin, apple juice, elderflower, cucumber and wasabi.

Aqua Kyoto Japanese Sweets In London |DesignMyNight

Discover a contemporary take on traditional Japanese sweets at Aqua Kyoto.

Chotto Matte

Two words – dessert platter (£32). Over at Chotto Matte in Soho, you can indulge in a delicious array of sweet tooth-appeasing bites, which also happens to include some of the best mochi in London. These are cute little buns made of rice, sugar and other tasty things, and are our favourite of the lot. Chotto Matte's comes in mango, coconut and green tea flavours, and are paired with an oh-so-delicious plum sake.

Japanese Dessert In London | DesignMyNight

The platter is designed for two or three, but we won't judge you if you get one to yourself...


Kibou is Battersea’s answer to the tastes and styles of Tokyo, showcasing a delectable menu of Asian soul food. And when you’ve had your fill? Awesome desserts galore. Our top choice is the Japanese garden (£8), a masterpiece of chocolate ganache, complemented with sesame mousse and sprinkled with chocolate soil.

Kibou London's Best Japanese Desserts | DesignMyNight

The dessert is almost as stunning as the restaurant itself.

Minamoto Kitchoan

The guys over at Minamoto Kitchoan are masters of wagashi, a type of traditional sweet. After having set up shop between Piccadilly Circus and Green Park, the confectioners have been showcasing their heritage with signature and seasonal creations. Stuff yourself silly with kasutera (From £20), a fluffy sponge cake; tsukuyomi (From £3.20), a chestnut dorayaki pancake; and kingyo jelly (£4.40), which is goldfish swimming in grape-flavoured jelly.

Traditional Japanese Desserts Minamoto Kitchoan London | DesignMyNight

Minamoto Kitchoan is one of the most iconic Japanese sweet shops in the capital.

Hot Stone

While perhaps more known for its succulent Kobe beef cuts and luxurious sashimi slices, Hot Stone near Angel also rustles up one of the best Japanese cheesecakes in London. The homemade green tea matcha (£9) dessert is everything you could want in a pud – velvety yet light and fluffy, with a beautifully balanced flavour of both matcha and cream cheese.

Hot Stone London Japanese Confectionary | DesignMyNight

This matcha green tea cheesecake is seriously oishi (that means delicious).


Tonkotsu in Peckham is a fantastic spot to slurp down a warming bowl of noods, but have you tried their puds? Not just a treat for the eyes, the umeboshi milk float sando (£6.50) is honestly one of the best Japanese desserts in London. It's made with fresh ice cream and umeboshi plum jelly, squished between lip-smacking brown sugar shortbread pieces and – here’s the je ne sais quoi – dipped in sprinkles.

Tonkotsu Best Japanese Desserts In London | DesignMyNight

Try out Tonkotsu's twist on the classic ice cream sandwich.

Kova Patisserie

Say hello to your new favourite find for afters, Kova Patisserie. Hailed as possibly the best Japanese bakery for delivery in London, they serve up some of the finest sweet delights around, with our go-to dessert being the matcha mille crêpes (£54 for 10 portions). These beautiful bites feature multiple layers of French pancake, ceremonial-grade pastry cream nestled between them, and a dainty sprinkle of powder on top.

Japanese Bakery In London Kova Patisserie | DesignMyNight

Sink your teeth into other flavours such as Oreo, Earl Grey and vanilla.


Whatever Japanese flavours you love in your dessert, find them at Panton Street's Machiya. Not only have they got a vibrant and creamy matcha mille crêpe (£6), but also everything from oozing matcha and white chocolate fondant (£6) to yuzu and chocolate cheesecake (£6) too. We'll take the lot, thanks.

Matcha Mille Crepe Machiya | DesignMyNight

From vibrant matcha mille crepe and chocolate fondants to indulgent cheesecake with yuzu, find it all here.


From the brains behind famed ramen joint Bone Daddies and bao haven Flesh & Buns, Shack-Fuyu is a seriously cool Izakaya-style restaurant in the heart of Soho. It's also home to what Grace Dent has proclaimed as a 'legend'; the kinako French toast and matcha ice cream (£7.50). In other words, toast which is fluffy on the inside, caramelised on the outside, with a kinako crumb, a touch of maple syrup and, of course, a helping of creamy soft serve.

Shak-Fuyu Kinako French Toast | DesignMyNight

The kinako French toast is just waiting for an Instagram snap.

WA Cafe

A cute little Japanese patisserie in London, WA Cafe has branches in both Ealing Broadway and Covent Garden. Feast your eyes on beautiful rows of pretty pastries, as well as freshly baked buns and tasty cakes. You can expect matcha sponges, custard-filled buns, beautifully presented panna cotta, fruit sandwiches and many, many more types of mouthwatering confectionery.

WA Cafe London Japanese Cakes | DesignMyNight

The cakes over at WA Cafe are almost too pretty to eat... almost.

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