New bar spy - Swingers West End

Swingers are recreating the 1920s English Seaside with new Oxford Street venue

Swingers West End

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TBC February

What they say:

The crazy, crazy golf people at Swingers over in the City have proved so popular that they’re opening another venue in Oxford Street. Reinvigorating the space of BHS’ former flagship shop (RIP), they’ve transformed the place into a 1920s English seaside, with the entrance itself looking like an old souvenir shop. Once inside, the promenade theme continues, influencing all the loop-de-loops, twists and turns that the nine-hole golf course has to offer.

What we say:

Swingers are proving why we oh-so-do like to be beside the seaside (sorry) with their new themed site, but they don’t just stop there. They’re boasting two different bars: Bandstand, made to look like traditional performance spaces at the seaside, whereas the Grand Hotel Bar is the glamorous one surrounded by palm trees – and both are serving up a variety of tasty cocktails. You can also pick up some cocktails mid-putt from their on-course cocktail caddies. Meanwhile, if all that swinging and drinking has got you a bit peckish, they’ve got their own boardwalk of beach huts featuring a rotating cast of street food vendors.