Pollen Street Social Spacious Cocktail Bar and Restaurant
10 Pollen Street, West End, London, W1S 1NQ
Splash the Cash £££
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Jason Atherton, the man behind Maze and worked under Ramsey's tutelage for 10 years is now going it alone with Pollen Street Social. We'd like people to start the evening with a drink in the gin bar €“ a lot of the cocktails are going to be based around gin and old English recipes. There€™ll be a little gin trolley for our signature Pollen Street Social cocktail which will be done at your table. The idea is when you come to Pollen Street Social, if you want the tasting menu, you can have as many courses from it as you want, if you just want to have a côte de boeuf for two to share you can have it (hopefully it€™ll be the best côte de boeuf you€™ve ever had), with the most amazing garnish. If you want to come in and sit at the dessert bar, have three desserts and a glass of champagne and go off to the theatre you can do that too. If you just want to come and eat off the small snacky menu and have wines to match, that€™s fine.


We are trying to invent a new type of restaurant where we€™re giving the flexibility back to the guest €“ it€™s your restaurant, come and do whatever you want.

What we say: