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Blue Boar


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What they say:

The Blue Boar Smokehouse and Bar at the Intercontinental Hotel in Westminster is a Bar and Grill with a menu that has taken inspiration from the American Pit Master using great British ingredients.

Chef Jon Ingram has created a unique menu influenced by his devotion to Smoking Techniques. Blue Boar's very own '12 Spice Rub' was personally created by Ingram's years of experience with spice and aromas.

By infusing wood smoke flavours and ingredients is as old as fire itself, the Blue Boar Smokehouse and Bar feature dishes such as the Lamb Shoulder that is smoked and slow cooked on the bone and. Baby Back Ribs marinated in treacle and 12 hours roasted Beef Brisket

What we say:

This is the place you go to after work for drinks or on a night out on the weekend, for a meal, catch up, and cocktails on the side. Blue Boar Smokehouse and Bar have a unique menu of feasts for the hungry and a vast range of drinks for the thirsty.

The decor and ambience at the Blue Boar Smokehouse is modern and relaxed, smart but casual at the same time, and yet this Westminster located gem boasts dishes fit for a king. The pulled Lamb Shoulder and the Blue Boar Ribs are definitely the ones to try. Try this place for a date and order the British Baked Oysters; you know... because they taste good.