The Four Sisters Townhouse - London Bar Review

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Last updated . By Georgie Pursey.

Nestled down a very narrow side street a stone’s throw from St Paul’s Catherdral is The Four Sisters Townhouse, the sister of the Islington bar known for its delicious cocktails and perfect date night vibes.

The Venue

Do not trust Google Maps when trying to locate this awesome little bar. It will lie to you. It won’t tell you that you need to duck down Bow Lane and look out for the signs leading you down a small passage lined with Dickensian style doors and looming brick walls. On the right you will find the entrance to The Four Sisters Townhouse, with its deep red floral walls lined with bookshelves and elegantly low lighting.

The bar is the centrepiece of the room, with Tiffany lampshades sitting atop the marble surface. Gold gilded mirrors hang around the walls, and dark wooden tables are available to sit at for small and large groups.

Elegant, inviting and with a touch of Dickensian glamour, this is one very impressive date night spot.

What To Expect

The cocktail menu is varied but not too long, though this didn’t make the decision on what to order any easier. There is a fun mix of new, traditional and forgotten cocktails to choose from, many with a modern twist. I started with Jenny’s Got A Gun, a tequila based short drink with Chartreuse Yellow, lime, pear and cherry jam. It was sweet, with a beautiful deep fruit flavour from the cherry, and a warmth from the tequila. Meanwhile my friend chose the Eden, with light summer flavours of vodka, cloudy apple, elderflower and tonic.

To eat we shared one of the available food platters - the Townhouse Grazing board, laden high with smoked salmon, thinly sliced chorizo and ham, potted shrimp, pate, a small bowl of bright green olives and two large chunks of goats and blue cheese, as well as a few thickly sliced helpings of delicious crunchy crusted bread. The star on the board for me was the potted shrimp, with a combination of sweet and creamy flavours that leant itself well to being slathered across the bread. The hams were succulent and salty, a good partner for the creamy goats cheese. The board was left wiped clean, and washed down with another round of cocktails; this time the bourbon based Green Is the New Black made with lemon, grapefruit, egg white and celery which gave it all a sharp, sweet and creamy finish.

My friend enjoyed the Perfect Lady, also made with egg white to give it a creamy texture, but this pretty little cocktail had a gin base alongside Merlet Peche and lemon which gave it a fruity zing.

We gossiped through this round of drinks, enjoying the fun soundtrack of classics and admiring our surroundings, coming to the conclusion that this bar is an ideal date venue, with the flattering low lighting and the relaxed and yet elegant atmosphere. The music isn’t too loud to make conversation an uncomfortable struggle and the service is attentive and prompt.

We ended the night with one last drink, the aptly named Gone With a Bang; a daiquiri blend with whisky, lemon, raspberry and extraordinarily enough, red pepper. It arrived, a beautiful shade of red, with a smooth whisky finish and an almost savoury and unmistakable hint of red pepper.

Expect a small but beautifully formed list of unique cocktail serves at the bar.


Our Friday evening at The Four Sisters Townhouse was a wonderful relaxed gateway into the weekend. It has everything you could possibly want for a chilled evening with well executed drinks and delicious yet uncomplicated food. It’s ideal for a date, after work drinks or even an evening just catching up with your friends. I’ll certainly be returning the next time I’m in the city, and would even say it’s worth the trip even if you’re not in the area.