New Bar Spy - Slider Bar at The Player

American Slider Bar Soho

Slider Bar at The Player


Venue Closed

What they say:

Slider Bar will be a cocktail bar with a late license hosted by The Player Bar, so expect music and a fantastic night out! Slider Bar wouldn't be a slider bar without it's delicious and mouth watering burgers - and that's one thing you can certainly expect at this tasty new Soho bar.

What we say:

Almighty burgers landing in Soho, not alone, but with cocktails and music. That sounds irresistable. The mini burgers are a fantastic idea and will be washed down with some tasty cocktails. Cocktails, mini burgers and music... A combination to die for and might just shift the crowds from Meat Liquor to Slider Bar in Soho! The Player is also one of our favourite bars in Soho so its an exciting collaboration between The Player and Sliders and is sure to have a roadblock queue every night.