68 and Boston - Cocktail Bar Review

Something of a shmooozing playground for the smooth talker and the whiskey swiller, 68 and Boston has come onto the Soho scene with a remedy for your date night woes and a slick set up of cocktail-cum-wine bar. And so the story goes...

The Venue

Chillin' on Greek Street this new venue is comprised of two separate bars: the 68 wine bar and the Boston cocktail bar, the persona of each fulfilling something different entirely. The wine bar is where you'll find sophisticated date vibes aplenty with tall stools serving petite silver tables and dark brooding woods that meet cosily lit interiors to make for a more intimate experience. Once you're done with the wining and dining aspect of the evening, Boston awaits upstairs. The somewhat cooler side of this bars personality, Boston is where skillful mixology thrives and the style of the golden age comes to life where the liquors come hard, the hours run late and the cocktails come strong. Inspired by the era of post-war decadence, 68 and Boston wears an outfit of laid-back luxury well, giving an air of suave style and speakeasy tailoring effortlessly. Portraits of dapper suited men hang on the walls and vintage trinkets are dashed throughout making this Soho resident both classic and vintage. 

68 and Boston

A place where prohibition supping turns stylish. 

The Drink

Taking to the cocktail collection more so than the wines (#sorrynotsorry), 68 and Boston can basically consider themselves drank dry during this visit. Holding a lot of promise in personality and punch, the majority of the mixology here leans to smokey, whiskey tones with a true jazz age nod. The 68 cocktail collection (all £8) offers something more demure to Boston where the Basil Bootlegger can best be described as both zesty and leafy. Think Spring, think greenhouses, think greenfingered horticultural vibes all up in your mouth. The Smoked Elderflower Margarita gets its smoke from a hit of Mezcal and a paprika salted rim - making her one salty tart. Next up was the Beekeeper, which to no surprise was rife with pollen notes. If you're feeling fruity and after something with a sweet little kick, Soho in the City is one sassy mother; hello London's answer to Carrie Bradshaw. Now, the 68 House Highball is very subtly ginger, much alike Tom Hiddleston. Joy de Vivre rounded off the 68 session with a light and herby taste for an all round easy pleaser of a drink. 

Making our way to Boston for the rest of the evening, up here is where the cocktails are less serious and more 'prohibition party time'. Although you may be attracted to the sound of the Squid Ink Martini (£10.50), a word of caution, she's as briney as she is black... Depends what your flavour is, but it wasn't mine. Soothing my tastebuds after that squiddy-hit came In Vogue (£10), which is everything it sounds like it should be. Garnished with Rooibos Tea Foam and hot on the fruity front, you'll taste Cranberry Infused Grey Goose Vodka, Berry infused Riesling, Triple Sec and Orange bitters mixed with Cranberry juice. Pleasant and punchy. Then things get a bit naughty with some Absinthe on the scene from Ruby Rose (£11). Essentially a heady mix of Martell VSOP, Cassis, Lucano and Absinthe should set you straight.

68 and Boston 

Swift and classic define their cocktails.

The Atmosphere

Fronting a low-lit ambiance and nothing but intimate vibes, 68 and Boston is a perfect date night scenario whether you're looking to literally wine and dine with their impressive vino list and selection of Charcuterie, cheeses, sandwiches and other nibbles, or if you're just looking to kick back with a cocktail or two. She's a sophisticated soul with a well honed 1920s spirit that's understated and refined, unlike a lot of London's speakeasy inspired bars. 

68 and Boston 

Cosy vibes in the 68 wine bar.

The Summary

Well versed in the art of cocktails, 68 and Boston satisfy both cravings for simple supping or unusual mixology (see Squid Ink Martini at your own peril), but it's the atmosphere of this bar that really takes you by storm. Yes the cocktails have all the makings of Golden Age glugging with killer liquors and unusual ingredients, but paired with the suave character of the bar you get one cool drinking experience, especially if you're on the hunt for a handy night out with bae.