Zigfrid Von Underbelly London - DJ Bar Review

Set in the heart of bustling Hoxton, Zigfrid Von Underbelly is a fun and raucous drinking den that boasts one of the best party atmospheres in East London. With regular DJs and live acts on the cards, it’s never a quiet night when you pay this little place a visit.

The Venue

One aspect that truly separates this venue from many of its neighbours is its truly distinctive décor. With Easter Island statues, mismatched furniture, animal heads, and neon lights, it is definitely very visually demanding. With Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas playing on numerous screens throughout the venue, there’s definitely quite an element of surrealism to this place. In an area rife with venues that go the extra mile with their décor, Zigfrid shines in such a competitive environment.

zigfrid review 1

With quirky decor, Zigfrid is charming and eye-catching all at once.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

If you’re looking for a quiet drink in Shoreditch, Zigfrid Von Underbelly is really not the place for you. Frequently attracting large crowds throughout the week, the atmosphere is usually buzzing with nocturnal dwellers looking for a good time. The clientele is an assortment of characters; from young professionals, to trend-setting hipsters and music aficionados of all kinds. The music definitely helps keep the mood going throughout the night and whilst there is no “official” dance floor, everyone seems to find their own space to get their groove on.

zigfrid revie 2

The outdoor seats at Zigfrid are always a real social hub, full of people enjoying the lovely cocktails.

The Music

With a host of nights dedicated to numerous genres, eclecticism is definitely the name of the game. With House, Indie Disco and Funky just some of the many genres to expect, the music at Zigfrid is definitely the driving force behind the venue, serving as a foundation for the night ahead. Due to the lack of a designated dance floor, the DJs aren’t the centre of attention; but that’s the point, as people don’t come here to catch the hottest new DJ in town, but simply to have a good time.

zigfrid review 3

Fun and unpretentious, Zigfrid is one of Shoreditch's best party spots.


Cool, fun, quirky and unpretentious, Zigfrid Von Underbelly adds pulsating rhythm to Shoreditch’s beating heart. A true gem that never fails to live up to its reputation as the go-to party place, it’s a definite must when in the area.