The gentrification of Shoreditch may have boozy patty patrons and Jammie Dodger cocktail crooners quaking in their boots, but when it encourages a cosmopolitan restaurant like The Jones Family Project to arrive, heck if I'm to stay away.

The Venue:

Shoreditch can often be awkward and angular, and that's not just the people. A venue that has clearly taken its unusually shaped innards and curated refined spaces that really work, The Jones Family Project hasn't been tied down by a collection of uncooperative corners. From a luxe, central dining space in the basement, red leather booths toting shed-shaped steel canopies, and walls adorned with bookcase and bark prints, The Jones Family Project offers two levels of sophisticated drinking and dining that nods to East London's inherent charm.

In a space that they promise to be ever-evolving, The Jones Family Project hosts their own pop-up dining room: currently under a 1970's guise, this 8-strong dining area is one for a love of all things bell bottom. The Brady Brunch meets dinner with Columbo, I was ready to stuff porcelain parrots and mustard tones in my bag and make a run for it.

jones family project cocktails london

A nuzzle worthy space toting unique interiors, The Jones Family Project is both grand and intimate.

The Food & Drink:

Cocktails and crab for starters, a-thank you. A polished menu with some indulgent twists, cocktails at The Jones Family Project are handled with care. Trying their 'Dreams of Aruba' with Kraken rum, falerna and apricot liqueur, my cutesy jam jar transformed into a playful drink of mature flavours, whilst the 'Lavender Mojito' had my companion wooed with notes of fresh British scents and minty sass. Like our cocktails, my cornish crab with avocado sauce and crostini was fresh, finely chopped and delicate. It needed to be, especially if my main was to steal the show.

With their kitchen toting one of only a handful of Josper charcoal ovens in London, my main was no mi-steak. A deluxe sirloin cooked medium rare at £27, and doused in chimichurra, there's an indulgence to the meat that's hard to ignore. I've no doubt that The Jones Family Project will be raising the steaks in Shoreditch, literally, especially when paired with a 90-strong wine menu that in itself, is presented to suit the plates. Tidying up three courses with apricot sorbet and a boozy chocolate pot with Amarena cherries and pistachios, The Jones Family Project proved their sweet worth. 

jones family project review london

Pan roasted Monkfish, my companions main course, and a deliciously seasoned alternative to steak. Though you should definitely try the steak.

The Atmosphere:

While clearly a destination for more suited and booted Shoreditch locals, The Jones Family Project had a humble buzz that needn't be boxed into a category. From candle-lit tables to after work liquid patrons in the bar above, there's a great tone to this restaurant, even on its quieter nights.

Shout-outs are not just reserved for neon disco DJs, hence why mine goes out to Alexandro and Andrea at The Jones Family Project for their stellar service. Hunt out these two chaps if you head on down: not only will they endure your incessant 'what would you recommend?', they'll work you through a food and cocktail menu that they so clearly enjoy (and have part curated) themselves.

jones family project restaurant review london

Dreams of Aruba, a bold and fruity concoction that hones in on JFP's forward thinking drinks menu.


While it will forever be hard to pull me away from the throngs of a Shoreditch burger bar, The Jones Family Project is giving East London some amazing options. Winning me over with their carefully crafted cocktail menu and dishes that notably take classic flavours and expand them with an encouraging high-end twist, The Jones Family Project knocked my palate out of the park. You'll be seeing me again, and that is a threat.