Pizzas, Picantes And Party Vibes: Here's What We Thought Of The 411's Bottomless Brunch

If there's two things I love, it's pizza and cocktails. So when I'm given the chance to enjoy them both at once? That's an offer I simply can't refuse. This dreamy combination can be found, with a side of great music, at The 411 - Angel's hottest neighbourhood bar that takes its inspiration from the New York drinking and dining scene.

The 411 Angel Interiors | DesignMyNight

The 411 London reviews are in, and the warehouse-style space is a firm favourite.

As soon as you step out of the tube station, this place is calling out to you, thanks to its huge venue and the floor-to-ceiling glass windows that give you a sneak peek of the fun, laidback action going on inside. And once we entered, the vibes certainly did not disappoint. 

The industrial space stretched out across three distinct areas, creating the feel of a social, meeting place as well as a restaurant. The decor was simple yet tasteful, fronting high ceilings, trendy light fixtures and warehouse-style floors. Up a short set of stairs we could see the bustling bar section, complete with retro photobooths and a pool table that was attracting a lot of people. On the other hand, our table was in a more relaxed dining area, which provided views of the surrounding streets. This certainly wasn't a quiet affair though, as we were treated to tunes from the resident DJ  - playing all the best 90s and 00s anthems throughout our meal.

The 411 Angel Bottomless Brunch | DesignMyNight

Expect fiery drinks and beats here.

Like most people visiting on a Saturday, we were here to try their bottomless picante brunch (£40 per person). We were given the choice between beer, prosecco and either regular or extra spicy picantes. Not being quite brave enough to face the heat, we went for the standard picantes, and were greeted shortly after with a massive jug of the stuff. The lime green concoction was perfectly chilled with crushed ice, with a fresh flavour and a kick from the tequila. The spice level wasn't too high on this blend, so if you're a fan of fiery cocktails then definitely opt for the extra hot option here. 

The generosity of drinks continued throughout the 90-minute brunch too, as the attentive waiters continually asked if we'd like a top-up, supplying us with a steady stream of cocktail jugs and entire bottles of bubbles.

The 411 Angel Pizza | DesignMyNight

There's all kinds of New York-style pizza on The 411 London menu.

As for the food? The 411 menu offers a range of classic breakfast items like eggs Benedict and chicken and waffles, but we both decided to try their New York-inspired pizzas. Our first choice was the Staten Island, a traditional margherita topped with fresh basil leaves. You can always judge a kitchen by how well they do the classics, and this was a strong offering. The tomato sauce was rich but not too sweet, and there was just the right amount of stretchy mozzarella on top. The second option was the Manhattan, which in contrast had a creamy white base that was also covered in mozzarella. These cheesy slices were finished off with earthy artichoke hearts the complemented the sauce beautifully.

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The 411 bar and restaurant is a lively, fun-filled spot that lends itself perfectly to bottomless brunches. There's a party atmosphere as soon as you walk in, thanks to the resident DJ and bustling pool table areas, guaranteeing a good time as well as delicious food and drinks. Their unlimited drinks offering is more generous than most, as the waiters were keen to offer you more booze throughout the 90 minutes and brought over full bottles and jugs rather than one glass at a time. So for a boozy day out in New York-inspired surrounds? I'd highly recommend this place.

  💰 The damage:  £80 for two bottomless brunches.

  📍  The location: 411 St John Street, London EC1V 4AB

  👌 Perfect for: Laidback group outings with plenty of booze.

 ⭐ Need to know: There are two different types of picante on offer here.


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