Red Dog Saloon Traditional American Restaurant and Bar Shoreditch
37 Hoxton Square, Shoreditch, London, N1 6NN
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Red Dog Saloon is a new authentic American restaurant and bar in the middle of Hoxton Square. Whether you want a weekend meal and drinks or after-work nibbles, our Shoreditch restaurant and basement bar is the only place to go. Barbeque grew up in the South of the USA where cooks learned to slow roast cuts of meat over fire pits to make them tender. Exposure to the smoke of the smouldering wood added a distinctive smoky taste to the meat. The process could take many hours, leaving the meat tender and juicy. Our award-winning smoker has been imported from the USA and is built to recreate the cooking process of those original fire pits. We use the traditional American woods of hickory and mesquite to give a full smoke flavour, and the meat stays in the smoker for up to 16 hours. So for that authentic South of the USA experience head to Red Dog Saloon. 


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