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Bringing L!FE To The Lane



Venue Closed

What they say:

L!FE is being brought to the Brick Lane and with it, an entirely new concept. The site, spread over three luxury floors, will unite food, yoga and music. The venue will be on the site of The Old Brickhouse and will offer hot yoga and pilates alongside an organic cafe serving delicious seasonal food, a full bar with signature cocktails and live music events.


What we say:

Combining some of the most important things in life: eating, keeping healthy and music; L!FE Shoreditch intends to bring a fresh approach to hosting. The site will combine life's necessities, in the form yoga and pilates; with life's treats, in the form of great cocktails and party pumping music. Spread over three floors, there will plenty of space to ensure no one activity impedes any other. So whether you are hungry, thirsty, or in need of a good work out or boogie, L!FE has it all.