Blueberry Bar Shoreditch - London Bar Review

Published . By Leighanne Bent.

Who can resist heading into a venue with a sign bearing the words we have beer colder than your ex’s heart? Not me, and the fact that Blueberry Bar boats a hearty food and cocktail menu served only to ensure my visit.


Having only seen pictures of Blueberry Bar, I definitely underestimated the size of the venue. Large blueberry coloured booths line the back wall facing the bar, while mismatched wooden tables are spread across the floor giving off rustic yet modern vibes. Although there are plenty of tables and booths to choose from, the layout manages to leave plenty of room which means you don’t have to stub your toe trying to dance around a few tables while getting to the bathroom.

In the far right hand corner exists a magnificent ping pong table, it even managed to persuade me and my friend to pick up its paddles after a few delicious cocktails. Its presence adds a streak of fun whether you visit day or night. Quirky nick-nacks are spread across the venue, like the coloured jars that act like lampshades which hang from the high ceilings and the large bookshelves secretly spelling out TEA in Astroturf material. The joint has loads of personality and an abundance of charm.

Blueberry's interiors create a comfortable-but-cool atmosphere.

Food & Drink

With rays of sun shine warming our backs, we decided to seduce our palates with hummus as a light starter. It came accompanied with triangular pita bread and carrot sticks, whilst being served in an over roasted pepper. Having gobbled up every last bite we were briskly served our main courses. I ordered the jerk chicken burger; it was served with chunky chips and a lip-licking garlic dip, although it didn’t do wonders for my breath, I can whole-heartedly say it was worth it. The dish was packed with plenty of flavour and my companion decided the same for her steak sandwich, which was served with generous helpings of onions and mushrooms. Having had two whole courses, we felt naughty enough to eye up the dessert menu. We instantly decided on the chocolate brownie and lemon meringue pie, both provided us with a sweet ending to a perfect lunch.

While we enjoyed these flavoursome delights we sipped from the Blueberry cocktail menu. The staff were well versed in cocktail making and directed us toward a few libations that would suit our tastes like the Passion Pit, the Bramble and the Lemon Martini. The strongest of the lot would have to be the Mai Thai - a heady mix containing Cointreau, Bacardi Gold, Oregat Syrup, fresh lime juice and a smidgen of pineapple juice - it’s safe to say that it could win over the heart of anyone looking for a strong punch to their evening.

There's a whole load of beer pong and table tennis antics awaiting once you're all done at the dining table.

Clientele and Atmosphere

Having visited on a Monday lunch time, Blueberry Bar was alive with a handsome crowd. Suited men happily wandered the floor with chilled bottles of beer in their hands while more surrounded the ping pong table letting out many oohs and ahhs. As the lunch time hour ended they all filtered out leaving couples and people on business to tuck into some tummy-filling dishes. Blueberry entices many people, especially on the weekend, as it's so close to the thriving hub of nightlife in Shoreditch. The atmosphere is a very relaxed one where fun is encouraged, due in no small part to the ping pong tables. Playing is also a great conversation starter, so if you want to get acquainted with someone in the crowd, you know where to start.

An easy-going place to enjoy some lunch, Blueberry ramps up the volume to attract a party-hearty crowd come the weekend.


Praise must be given where it’s due, and Blueberry Bar deserves just this. It serves simple yet scrumptious food, potent cocktails and has a groovy interior that wills a relaxed vibe which is what we all need after a hard day at the office!