New bar spy - Black Rock

Infamous mixology duo set to dominate London's Whisky bar scene

Black Rock

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Now Open

What they say:

Leaving their modernist approaches to bartending to one side, the beverage consultants and all round cocktail bar legends Tom Aske and Tristan Stephenson have opened an intimate, stripped back whisky bar. Aiming to "quash stereotypes in the world of whisky", Black Rock will showcase 250 bottles from around the world and offer a unique service style, where roaming bartenders mix and serve drinks to guests sat around an 185-year old oak tree trunk centrepiece.

What we say:

If there's one thing you can be sure of from the boys behind Worship Street Whistling Shop, it's got to be greatness. Swapping their molecular mixology habits for a taste of the specialist life, Black Rock Bar is set to be an East London lounge for whisky connoisseurs of all shapes and sizes. We're expecting the same understated, classic and liquor laced prowess of their previous ventures to set the framework for this opening. We'll take ours neat please.