Be at One Shoreditch Bar Review

The Venue

Be at One in Shoreditch is certainly a case of appearances being deceptive. The bright cheery yet small entrance suggests watered down cocktails and a bland bar offering. My friend and I were pleasantly surprised to find a buzzing bar very much in-keeping with the local Shoreditch vibe of low lighting, exposed brick work and retro fittings. Quite possibly the friendliest bar staff in London meet your eye and welcome you into the bar; a welcome change from most watering holes where you find yourself fighting to even be acknowledged after a ten minute death stare at the bartenders. The bar is long, well stocked and packed full of rare and globally sourced spirits. For those looking to host a party or gathering, there are intimate areas perfect for entertaining groups as well as a real open plan feel; which creates a more spacious air about the place (a novelty in this part of town!).

Be at One Shoreditch boasts a grand bar

Clientele & Atmosphere

This is a bar that oozes warmth and energy, the music is fairly loud midweek but still suits those just wanting to chat and is at party volumes at the weekend for those looking to wear out their dancing shoes. Locals, hipsters, and city suits all mix together with smiles being chucked around freely, couple that with 'new-best-friend-quality' all the bartenders seems to possess, and it's not hard to see why everyone's grinning. I don’t think I have come across a friendlier bar in Shoreditch.

Intimate booths and areas can be booked at Be at One Shoreditch


It’s all about the cocktails here, the menu is too big so just ask the bartender to create you something. Very reasonably priced, they are crafted with an eagle eye precision; you get the feeling that they genuinely want you to be wowed when you take that first sip. We had an evening working through their Gin Sours that are fast becoming my favourite drink right now. Don’t come here for beer as there are no taps but still a few choices with bottles and a good selection of wines.  


If you are still not sold then wait for the music. It’s all about party tracks; expect to hear long forgotten classics from the 60’s all the way up to the present. The bar team sing along (loudly!) to the tracks and you find yourself regularly turning to your friend saying “this was an absolute tune!”.

The deceptively big dancefloor and bar


A delightful surprise in Shoreditch, perfect for catch up drinks in the week, or party nights at the weekend, a bar whose philosophy is genuinely about having fun and sharing it with you but still remembers that you need to do it in a cool way being in this hipster hotbed.