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The Toy Shop

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What they say:

The Toy Shop is an extremely unique and quirky cocktail bar located on Putney High Street. This fun time party bar pays homage to the innocence and charm of youth. The Toy Shop will have a unique cocktail list alongside a menu designed with the ‘sharing’ aspect in mind, and features a signature dish ‘The Toy Shop BBQ’ set to be served on a revolving mini BBQ. The Toy Shop is a cheeky blend of youthful innocence and adolescent revelry with an incredibly unique and exciting decor.  

What we say:

Anywhere that serves homemade absinth wine-gums deserves some sort of national holiday dedicated to it - The Toy Shop is such a place. This fun time party bar manages to naughtily merge everything that made childhood exciting, with everything that makes adulthood exciting. Expect to see some features you are unlikely to find in most other London bars (or anywhere for that matter) such as cocktails out of baby bottles; as well as some London favourites including micro-brewed beer (Toy Shop Beer), Prosecco on tap and soon to be released, The Toy Shop’s ‘Cherrycello’. Playtime has just begun!