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Living Bar in Brixton is actually not new but has gone under a reincarnation. After being shut for a while due to landlord issues,  Living Bar now has a fresh new look, new drinks list and new food menu. So this reincarnation will be offering a lot more than the Living Bar of old. However we still intend on retaining the legendary feel-good party atmosphere that all of Brixton remembers us for, with many of our original DJ line up returning. So in a nutshell, different look but same party vibe. Living Bar was always most famous for our party pop & 80€²s/90€²s mash-ups on the first floor, as well as our house nights downstairs. Slightly updated versions of these night will return but we€™ll also be integrating some really hip & alternative latin/world music nights into the mix. We€™ll be adding live music to the bill on a weekly weekday day evening shortly.