New bar spy - Demon, Wise and Partners

Demoniacally good cocktails at new Liverpool Street bar

Demon, Wise and Partners

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What they say:

This joint's name suggests that it takes inspiration from both the dark and light side of life. We all know that a demoniacal hedonistic cocktail can induce unexpected bursts of wisdom...before the slurring takes over. Perched over The Arbitrager, expect a pretty classic affair with spirits and some snazzily mixed cocktails to wet your whistle. 

What we say:

Very handily situated to give commuters that much needed cocktail hit before facing Liverpool Street station, this place is more angelic than demonic! Bringing an expert touch to the cocktails, a none-too-shabby approach secures the quality of the experience. Expect traditional spirits as well as a good array of cracking cocktails.