Ruby Blue - Lounge Bar Review

Ruby Blue is a double whammy venue complete with a restaurant and a night club located in the heart of Leicester Square. Its prices are happily affordable and its energy mirrors that of the bustling crowd outside its doors.


Sophistication streams from every orifice of Ruby Blue and is showcased from the moment you step through the entrance. A beautiful granite staircase beckoned me and my friend upstairs to the dining area, which was festively decorated with a garland dotted with pine cones and berries in the spirit of Christmas. As we climbed up the stairs to cuisine heaven, we noticed an enormous gold plated mirror (that looked like it was home to the set of Alice in Wonderland) and a luxurious sofa covered in elegant cushions. We hadn’t even reached our table and already felt like we were transported into a completely different world to the one we left outside.

The dining area itself is a long room furnished with a network of tables and two spacious booths (which we were seated at). The walls of Ruby Blue showcase a fine collection of artwork of various collages and the deep purple walls add to the venues warm atmosphere. Our leather booths - although roomy - had an intimate touch as a result of the netted curtains on either side and would comfortably seat 6-8 people. However, the winning feature of the venue for me was the white piano that was perched at the bottom of the lengthy room.

Elegant from the moment you step inside, dine in comfort and style at Ruby Blue.

Clientele and Atmosphere

A small heard of tables were occupied when we entered the dining area of Ruby Blue and all were littered with plates of delicious food and glasses of white wine and cocktails. The clientele spanned from a young group of women to a couple in their mid 50’s, all sharing starters and diving into main courses. The atmosphere of Ruby Blue was very laid back with a playlist of artists singing original songs and covers in the background. As Ruby Blue is an inexpensive venue it would be the perfect location for students or people dining on a budget. The nightclub - which you'll find downstairs - is open until 3am and is a haven for any party-lover looking for a pumping night out in the West End.

Ruby Blue's friendly atmosphere and inexpensive nature make it popular with a young West End crowd.

Food and Drinks

Setting our minds on the calamari and pulled pork taco starter, alongside sweet chilli salmon and chicken caesar salad for mains, we joyfully sipped our pinot grigio wine; which was crisp and went on to complement our dishes fantastically. My calamari was probably the best I’ve ever had; it was the correct consistency and was presented with a delicious garlic dip. The pulled pork taco had a healthy serving of salad and was bursting with flavour; overall both were great light choices. My sweet chilli salmon was the perfect shade of pink and was served with sweet chili potato fries and a crunchy salad. As for the chicken caesar salad, it came in a generous portion and the chicken was seasoned with herbs that added a lip-smacking kick to the dish.

The sticky toffee pudding lover that I am, the staff ensured me I wouldn’t regret the decision to delve a little deeper into the menu, and with that ordered I requested a strong Long Island to wash down the evidence. The pudding was served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to accompany every guilty bite, but my gosh was it worth it. The pudding was surrounded by a delicious sauce and wasn’t a dense texture compared to the hundreds of puddings I’ve sampled in my time. The Long Island iced tea hit the spot and provided a suiting ending to a strong night provided by the Ruby Blue staff.

A versatile menu comes packed with all sorts of tasty treats worth wrapping your lips around.


Ruby Blue is a wallet-friendly venue that boats lavish interior and scrumptious food in one of the capital's most famous spots. Its commendable staff make for an unwinding evening of dining and catching up, but don’t be fooled, by night the downstairs night club becomes a vibrant hot spot for Leicester Square's party people.