‘Blind Spot’ denotes an area hidden from your natural sight. So it’s no wonder that you may have sauntered through the lobby of the silky St Martin’s Lane Hotel without discovering this concealed haven for cocktail supping. Come into the Blind Spot with us and uncover a world of darkened excess, exotic charm and luxuriant drinking.

The Venue

Taken from the light, bright hotel lobby, you’ll be plunged into a pool of low-lit ambiance with a rich atmosphere fitting for gentlemen swilling their whisky on the rocks or ladies stirring their cocktail sticked olives in a Martini glasses. But Whiskey and Martinis are amateur characters in the Blind Spot story. Inspired by the ancient tea trades between Asia and Great Britain, Blind Spot is a captivating pastiche of British colonialism and Oriental intrigue. Quite simply, a long rectangular room with a golden down-lit bar beaming at the end of it, Blind Spot is an intimate stowaway shrouded in a dark mystique where the air smells of the rich leather sofas and strong spirits. This concealed cocktail den harks back to the old age of drinking where you could lounge in solitude waiting for the hours to pass with every sip. 

Blind Spot

Classic British style and indulgent lounging

The Drinks

All Blind Spot spirits are infused on site with Yum Cha tea leaves of every kind: Assam, Nettle, Peppermint, Black and more. The Blind Spot craft is all about creating that individual distinguished taste. The experience begins as you step foot into the low lit bar and continues until you bid farewell after your last drink.

My comrade ordered a Flame Nettle Fizz to start (£12.50): Tequila Cabeza, Flame Nettle & Peppermint Tea Syrup, Maraschino, Fresh Lime and Soda. Tangy and something of a palate cleanser with the burst of fizz at the end. For myself, I ordered the Camellia (£12.50): Black Tea Vodka, Aperol, Chambord, Raspberry, Fresh Lemon with Sugar. A sweetheart in personality and body, Camellia is a beauty on the tastebuds. Next up was a Buttered Cinnamon Daiquiri (£13): Butter & Cinnamon Washed Havana 3yr, Fresh Lime and Sugar. Less of a pudding than it sounds; more smooth, silky and slightly spiced. The finale for the evening was the Port & Milk Cobbler (£13): Graham’s LBV Port, Cashew Milk, Grapefruit, Fresh Lemon and Sugar. Washed down an absolute treat with a little sour kick from the grapefruit rounding things off.

Blind Spot: Camellia Cocktail

There she sits - our blushing Camellia

The Atmosphere

In three simple words: seductive, close and indulgent by nature. Blind Spot is a place where you'll find suited and booted business men brushing shoulders with the hotels midnight revelers or even couples sharing an intimate evening together. Perfecting the balance between what feels like a private one-on-one experience with an open, social setting Blind Spot brings back cocktail supping to what it should be. 

Blind Spot: Buttered Cinnamon Daiquiri

She's stirring, intriguing and hidden away from sight

The Summary

Blind Spot is the kind of place where your champagne comes with a plump floating raspberry and is served in a tall, thin stemmed flute with a glass of water placed precisely on a small white napkin next to it. Detail and subtle decadence is key here - and boy do they absolutely nail it.