Mamounia Lounge Knightsbridge - London Restaurant Bar Review

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By The Reviewer.

Mamounia is a slice of Moroccan paradise in Knightsbridge; the North African delights beautifully swirled together to form a pleasant Friday evening with romantic undertones. 

The Venue

Only a few minutes walk from Harrods we arrived at Mamounia instantly greeted by a sense of communion. From an unassuming entrance, we found the inside was elegant and chic. Modern lounge bar traits were draped in seductive touches such as rose petals sprinkled on each table, candles, red lights and atmospheric music. The front lounge holds tables for casual meals and drinks but we sat down in the bar area for cocktails.

Mamounia Knightsbridge

When we were ready for dinner we moved upstairs to a secluded table area which seemed as tailored for dating as the murder vessel in Tarantino's "Death Proof" is for making young girls into mince-meat. The tables were divided by golden fringed soft curtains and there was also a larger table for groups of about 20 people, which on this occasion was the scene for a 30th birthday celebration. 

Atmosphere and Clientele

There was a warmth and family-like atmosphere at Mamounia mainly generated by the abundance of friendly staff. The soundtrack swung from upbeat house to more oriental music at a pleasant volume. A highlight of the evening was the belly dancer who swept in at 9pm wearing a yellow pebble embellished skirt and bra who performed dazzling body stunts. The birthday girl got up for a booty shaking dance off. There were some couples, a few larger gatherings of friends, family dinners and the birthday party present at out visit. It was a nice mix of sophisticated Knightbridge revellers and laid back regulars. 

Mamounia Knightsbridge

Food and drink

Their drinks menu held interesting drinks with plenty of high end treats for connoisseurs whether your fancy is a single malt Whiskey, an ancient Caribbean Rum or a Champagne cocktail. All cocktails were served with ripe fresh fruit- their beauty worthy of a still life portrait by Monet. 

Mamounia Knightsbridge

But the food was the real fireworks at Mamounia. From the mezze platter to the main course of tender lamb shanks and Tagines. The Lebanese/Arabic fusion recipes were so tasty and rich in flavour that just thinking about it now makes my mouth water more than poor Pavlov's dogs. For dessert you have to try the chocolate fondue with ice cream which is even softer in the middle than Paul Simon ("You can call me Al").


Mamounia should be in everybody's short list over cosy date night venues for absolutely brilliant food and divine cocktails in a tender and slightly exotic setting. Mamounia has left a rose pedal, lingering after taste of spicy sensations and the memory of tantalising wriggling bellies in our hearts and mind, sure to stay with us for a long time to come.