Cinematic Decor And Italian Cocktails - Did We Find La Dolce Vita At Megaro?

Published . By Georgia Evans.

I’m going to let you in on a bit of personal history... when I was 16 I was obsessed with all things vintage. I loved classic cars, retro fashion and the style of old-school movies. So, when I spotted that Megaro was inspired by Italian movie director’s Frederico Fellini’s classic aesthetic, that teen in me squealed a little, and I had to experience it for myself.

Megaro Kings Cross | London Bar Reviews | DesignMyNightWe loved the speakeasy vibe of the basement bar.

Megaro's bright exterior and modern upstairs eatery perfectly masks what’s going on downstairs. Behind a heavy velvet curtain is an underground time capsule, with low ceilings, hushed lighting and vintage decor. After we settled into theatre stalls, my partner scanned the cocktail menu by candlelight, paying little attention to my jabbering on about the movie stars that lined the walls of the room we were in.

Before I was completely sucked into teen obsession, our charming waiter arrived to guide us through the menu, the first of many encounters that would add a touch of classic Italian hospitality to our evening. He explained how the bar had created a few unique blends that we simply had to try. I opted for one of Tomasz’s drinks to start, the Aqua Di Azzuro (£11) made with gin, dry vermouth, passionfruit liqueur, creme de violette and lemon tonic. The result? Positano in a glass... with a freshness that made me wish I was reclining by the coastline (not that I’ve ever been).

Megaro Kings Cross | London Bar Reviews | DesignMyNightThe cocktails have a European sophistication to them.

The reminder of more drinks jerked me out of my daydream. Harking to the Italian-American movies of NYC mobsters, the Good Fellas (£11) caught my eye. Served with icing sugar and fresh chilli around the rim of the glass, it created a smart contrast between the floral lavender offsetting the delicate flavours with a firm kick, a nice way to carry the namesake if you ask me.

When choosing how to finish off our journey, I couldn't help but think… what’s more Italian than espresso? An espresso martini with a Megaro spin (£10), apparently. Our hospitable guide talked us through how the bar used rum and their own special blend of coffee, creating something with a real depth of flavour and smooth finish.

Megaro Kings Cross | London Bar Reviews | DesignMyNightThe bar's cool atmosphere draws in an eclectic crowd. 

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Craving La Dolce Vita? Things may be falling apart in the outside world, but Megaro provided us with a temporary daydream of delicious cocktails, cosy decor and classic Italian hospitality that Frederico Fellini himself would approve of.