Streaky Gin Kensington goes oinking mad for bacon concept bar
1D Palace Gate, London, W8 5LS
Happily Affordable ££

What they say:

A bacon infused bar of British styled delights and Deep South Americana vibes. Streaky Gin fuses state-side alchemy in the basement speakeasy den with the English spirit and fashion of the foodie area. Bespoke characteristics, custom designed bars and rustic aesthetics define this food-come-cocktail hangout. 

What we say:

Cocktail making goes all bacon-centric on us with Kensington's porky little eating establishment turn cocktail bar. Streaky Gin is a space of eclectic vibrancy and a playground for all amalgamations of Southern American hospitality and English charm. Experience the ultimate in gastronomic and mixology gluttony with their ingenious bacon infused Gin and streaky salt additions to cocktail craft. It's completely logical:-

Streaky bacon + Gin = Winning.