The Reading Room The Reading Room Turns Over a New Leaf in Islington
Laycock Street, London, N1 1RU
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

A Parisienne-inspired speakeasy just five minutes from Highbury and Islington station, situated on the first floor of The Library restaurant bar, this exclusive venue is open late from Thursday to Saturday, serving cocktails and absinthe for a night less ordinary. Escape into a new world, leave the busy streets of London's suited workers, ditch the commute and hide in the city's undiscovered decadent den.

What we say:

This place has vintage lanterns for a dimly lit, secretive interior and live music for your boogying needs. But forget all that (because you will forget) - this place sells not just cocktails, but that elusive green fairy - absinthe. Hit the night hard and drink the most potent of the poisons in this new and exciting hangout.