The Fable A Fairytale Escape In Holborn
52 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2FD

What they say:

"Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life the world gives us a fairy tale"; The Fable, located on Holborn Viaduct, invites Londoners to wine and dine in an enchanted world. Split into different spaces, this magical venue tells many a story through beautiful and intricate interior design. This restaurant, bar, deli and florist is perfect for venue hire, with the ability to cater for both big and small events. The Fable is your very own fairy tale. 

What we say:

The latest venture from Drake & Morgan, it will come as no surprise that The Fable simply overflows with character. A fantasy world amongst London's concrete jungle, this new Holborn opening takes influence from the fabulous fables of Aesop to offer a magical retreat from the outside world. Filling its guests with both wonderment and awe, The Fable stands as a veritable menagerie, brimming with charm and perfect for early morning meetings, weekend brunches, leisurely lunches, afternoon tea, post-work cocktails, late-night suppers, corporate events and private parties.